the carmen dream


name of dream: carmen

there were three things in this dream that had characteristics which should be brought to your attention

the first is the sounds of the song itself

it was bizet’s carmen

for those not familiar with the song you can treat yourself to it here

there were twenty or thirty people in this dream

we were in a circle and began to shuffle in a slightly stiff manner when the song began

then, when the chorus began, we began to move more fluidly and started humming along with the tune

each time the chorus came in we began singing in harmony with it

our harmony was at a different pitch to the song

we then started to ad-lib the words of the song and, believe it or not, the sound of the performers meshed with ours and the song took on an even more appealing sound

it was beauty in music

there may be those who scoff at the thought of the song sounding even better than it does

this is dream-time reality people

dreams are where your most daring fantasies can/will come true

the most relevant aspect of this dream was the chance to guauge how long a dream lasts for

those who know the song also know the song lasts for four to five minutes

this was the first time it has been possible to get an objective comparison of the difference in values of the sense of time in dream-time and the sense of time in awake-time

if this difference between dream-time and awake-time holds for all dreams then the difference in time-values between sleep-time and awake-time tells us that dream-time passes at least ten times more quickly than awake-time experiences

if i didn’t know the song and based how long it lasted purely on the dream i would have said the song lasts for twenty to thirty seconds !


either an and or of time-tense 1 or 3 – qod 4 – qos 3.5 – p/o ? – vividness: 3.6

stand-out moment: the harmonies

the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: our ability to appreciate beauty in any form

category of dream: informative

cause/s of the dream: ?

notes 1

this entry is drawn from the memory of the dream when it was written, which is two or three years ago now

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