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how we can produce wealth


ways to begin applying this way of trading
every participant has her/his own website
a free website with five pages is available to everyone at WordPress
(when you click on the word WordPress above it will take you to the page in the pic below
ignore the options in the white box and click on the option circled in red)

this website uses One.Com as its main website
it’s easier to use, has greater capacity (25 gigabyte) and is more flexible than wordpress… 24/7 chat support and at 25p a week it doesn’t get any better
also, they will give you a website with a personalised name

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feel safe shopping in a  covid-free environment
how it works…
those of us who contracted covid and recovered from it are in a unique position
we’re the only people who know for sure that we can’t contract covid and, most importantly, we can’t pass it on
it also means, we are the only one of the three different groups (negative, positive and immune) who can freely mingle with the other two groups
we identify ourselves as immunem
those who feel safe around immune people can trade person-to-person with them
equally, a person who has built-up a resistance to covid does not feel threatened by those who are Asymptomatic (carriers)m
in this Man-Made, and deliberately released virus environment, we have to begin to trade at a local level(within cycling distance), to keep ahead of the loss in jobs
based on the previous experience of carting a bike-trailer with a five-hundred-watt p.a. around
a light-weight mountain bike with twenty-seven-gears, could, in the lower gears, easily tow a fridge-freezer
area to be served Here

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Start Page for
 details for this account
john 10:21:57 1102215
location: plymouth
phone number 07899813267*
*contact by phone-text in the first instance
 services offered
 .mkv to .mp4
Unlimited Converting of .mkv to .mp4 Video Files For One Year
 cook at your home
simple, nutritious meals
meat and 3 veg, gravy
(30 mins to 2 hours) + travel time
 inter-active phone* and computer screen instructions for the beginner
*no costs for phone numbers that begin with 01, 02, 03 and 08
music for any occasion
(not less than 3 hours) + travel-time
 de-waxing of blocked ears(water-pulse method) 30 to 60 mins + travel-time
 guitar lessons for the beginner(guarantee to have you playing a song within an hour)
+ travel-time
 video and photography for most occasions + travel-time
(minimum 1 hour) + travel-time
 data recovery for corrupted usb and storage devices
recover deleted files, even those deleted from the recycle bin
recover data from formatted, inaccessible, raw files, corrupted, deleted or lost partitions, hard drives, USB drives, pen drives, flash drives, memory cards, CF cards, etc.
 services required




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