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the second dream

the name of the dream “wasted fried fish”

arrived at the bus station with half an hour to spare

was feeling peckish and with more than enough time to eat a meal it follows that the second scene would be of me in a cafeteria

the second scene, was sitting on a bar-stool style seat with my elbows resting on a narrow shelf about a third of a metre deep waiting for someone to come and take my order

in the next scene, i am giving the waitress my order of fish and chips

as the waitress was writing the order a man sitting near to me said, “you can have this fish”

i looked to where the man was sitting and could see the fish on his plate

it was a shade of amber and crisp and fresh (the stand-out visual part of the dream)

i was about to ask the waitress to strike the fish off my order when another voice behind me said: “you can have mine as well

his plate too had a tasty-looking fish on it, only not as big as the first one

i thought i was about to have a banquet for a few coppers when the waitress admonished the two men in a friendly manner and said something along the lines of “we don’t allow that” and went out of the scene with her pen and notebook

the dream ended there


vividness 3.7 – participant – the category of the dream: food () fish and chips (3 ?)

first dream

the name of the dream

it’s not just the brick walls that stop a person dead in their tracks when walking while in prison; in prison, brick walls come in many varieties

those of us who find “a pleasure shared with someone is a pleasure doubled” will be able to identify with the sentiment when it comes to having a “toke”

sharing your weed in the nick is something of a status activity

it says to others that the “system” hasn’t completely got the better of you and it also allows you to demonstrate your generous nature

the two lads who were enjoying the benefits of being “high” weren’t my best friends in prison but, as mentioned, a pleasure shared…

the “session” had been going on for an hour or two and, eventually, we had smoked all of the blow

the two lads asked if i had, or could get, any more

when i said “no” they got up, and without a “thanks” or “goodbye”, left me

at that moment the “feel-good” factor from the hash vanished and a sense of betrayal took its place

it felt as though i’d just come up against a brick wall

notes 1

in recent days i had spoken to someone who was aware of the situation we all find ourselves in and had chosen to live in, and for, the moment

the attitude the person had toward me was reflected in his parting comment

it has played on my mind for the last few days and is the cause of this dream

notes 2

the underlying cause of most, and maybe all, of the reasons people choose the here and now over the future, reduces to one thing… not being willing to put in the effort of acting ethically


vividness 3.2 – participant – the category of the dream: prison () closed ()hash () attitudes ()


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