dreams: the last seven days


the name of the dream: hot chocolate

the dreamer is in a shop that is renowned for its luxury chocolates

after a while of careful deliberation, it comes down to two

both are delicate wafer chocolates

the salesperson opens one of the boxes

the box has about twelve finger biscuits

two of the biscuits have slipped out of their containment place

with a practised, delicate touch the salesman moves them back into place with his forefinger

he then opens the second box

two of the biscuits are broken

the dreamer can sense the salesperson’s tension

the box with the broken biscuits then breaks into flames


fairly sure the flames are the result of watching a film (terminator: genisys) with more explosions in it than ww2

see also dream 25112021

vividness 2.6/7 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: weird and wonderful (3+) food () luxury chocolates (2+)


the name of the dreams: over-anxious, red spiders

the dreamer is having a dream about children

the dream about children is replaced by a dream about spiders

the spiders are red

there are two of them

they are confronting each other

they may be a female and a male enacting a mating ritual

the dreamer gets the impression they are about to fight

the dream ends, the dreamer wakes

he’s lying on his right side

his face is within five or six centimetres of the wall

on the wall about twenty-five centimetres above the dreamers face is a red spider

it is the same as the ones in the dream

you work it out

vividness 2.8 – observer – the category of the dream: animals () insects () spiders (2+)


a google search of five or six sites says the same thing

the u.k. doesn’t have any red spiders, as are in the dream or on the wall, native to the u.k.


is was back in the late 1980s when the writer was woken out of his sleep two or three times over a period of a week or so

a nasty, boil-sized poisonous sac had developed behind his right ear

it started to ache

it became the writer’s number one priority

his heightened sense of purpose to figure out what the boil is was the last thing he was thinking about when he went to sleep

in the middle of the night, about ten days after the writer first became aware of the poison-sac, he woke suddenly

the sac of poison was so sensitive it sent signals to the brain whenever it was touched

the writer lifted his head rapidly and turned to look at the pillow

it was then he saw the spider

its body was about the size of a ten-pence coin

it had bright colouring

the writer reached out and grasped it in his hand

instinctively the writer dropped it when it bit into his skin

the spider had pincers at the front of its mouth

the pincers were strong enough to break through the skin of an adult hand

it was obviously an exotic spider

the writer put on a loose washing-up glove picked the spider up and threw it into the grass at the front of the flat

the writer began thinking about the circumstances which led to it coming from a tropical country into his bedroom

it must have been in with the bananas (a couple of bananas a day were a part of the writer’s diet at the time)

it’s easy enough to imagine it was in a bunch of bananas when they were cut from the tree

the problem with that conjecture is that a blood-sucking or meat-eating spider isn’t likely to be in a fruit tree

leave out the way it got into a shipment of bananas for the moment

so, it’s in the crate, then it’s in a ship, then the harbour in england, then it’s in a distribution centre or warehouse

then a lorry, then a store, then a shelf, then the writer’s bedroom

the more it is thought about, the less likely it becomes that it should end up in the writer’s bedroom

it was years before the writer put it together…

an acquaintance, an ex-army man, had run over and killed a german while on “tour” in germany

no charges were brought against him

on the contrary, to kill a german is a feather in the cap of the british military

he was seconded by the military for “use” in civilian life

shortly after the writer met him he began a relationship with a girl who was the daughter in a family which owned a pet shop

the pet shop specialised in snakes, parrots and the like

the memory of the night the person being mentioned and another man came to visit presented itself

it wouldn’t have been remembered if it hadn’t been for the ex-army man insisting that the writer go with his friend to make a phone call in the laundry-room

the reason given for accompanying the other man to the phone isn’t remembered

at the time there was no reason for the writer to suspect the ex-army man of ill-will toward him

it wasn’t until the writer began to criticise the government that the writer began to experience “difficulties” in his life

the “difficulty” mentioned above is just one of the dozens of instances of “difficulties” between nineteen eighty-six and nineteen ninety-six

the writer was astounded that men could stoop to such petty vindictiveness

this dream has given the writer the chance to say to them what he’s been wanting to say ever since he realised what had happened, “when you get to the insect world watch out for the spiders”


the dreamer is lying on his back

a friend is with him

he is waiting for a doctor

his friend called for an ambulance before the dream started

the dreamer doesn’t know how the accident happened

the injury is a neck injury

it is similar to the dreamer’s current situation but nowhere near as bad (in fact, this dream may be the current situation of a future undulation)

the friend who phoned for the ambulance must have described the dreamer’s physical state accurately

the person he spoke to on the phone recognised the symptoms and diagnosed the injury

the medic he spoke to on the phone knew he didn’t need to go to the hospital

they would be sending a doctor

the doctor arrives

it is a young woman

the woman is a person from awake-time (the writer is still trying to remember the where and the when)

the doctor is wearing day-to-day clothes

a hip-length, light brown suede jacket and skirt

she produces a roll-up cigarette and says, “is it alright to smoke?”

we say it is

she doesn’t examine the dreamer

the dreamer is starting to relax

he doesn’t need to go to the hospital

he doesn’t need medication or treatment

“i think i have bruised my neck bones”, the dreamer says

the dream ends

vividness 2.6/7 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: personal physical injuries (2?)


the name of the dream: sooty takes a shower

a four or five scene dream

an assortment of toys are sprawled in a square metre of the floor

two or three of them are puppet-sized animals

one of the puppets is sooty

as in the tv programme, it is an orange-coloured sooty

an adult hand props sooty up against the back of a doll-sized comfy-chair

in the next scene, a hand produces a doll-sized shower-head

in the next scene, a trickle of water flows from the shower-head

within two scenes the trickle becomes a deluge

sooty is drowning

get help someone

vividness 2.7/8 – observer – the category of the dream: children’s tv character’s () sooty (1)


the girl wearing a beige coloured skirt-suit

team up with a woman

she is wearing a dark-beige, two-piece skirt-suit

we go back to her place

she lives on the first floor of a two-storey block of flats

we are getting along alright

there isn’t an intimate air to the dream

the writer thinks the dreamer and the girl do become involved but haven’t been able to recall the rest of the dream

vividness 2.7 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: relationships () female ()


the name of the dream: part experiences, part dream-time memories


the dreamer is looking at a lorry that has been converted into a cage

the cage has eight or nine zebras in it

the zebras are eating hay

the hay is wedged into a wire netting half a metre outside of the cage

the gap between the bars of the cage is only wide enough for the zebras to get their heads through

the zebras are extremely relaxed in the way they are eating, almost human-like

a lot of the hay is being pushed out of the wire and onto the ground where the zebras can’t get it

the dreamer is tempted to tell the driver that he could save the lost hay by putting an angled bit of wood at the bottom of the wire

next theme

in a supermarket

a woman has just put her two-year-old daughter into the built-in seat of the shopping trolley

the baby girl responds to the dreamer when he speaks to her

he gets the baby-girl smiling and almost laughing

the mother is pleased the baby is happy

the writer detects a tinge of jealousy in the mother

the dreamer leans his trolley against the wall to get closer to the baby girl

there is enough of a down-slope leading into the supermarket for dreamer’s empty trolley to feel the tug of gravity

the trolley has gained enough speed to be of concern

the dream ends as the dreamer is setting off to get the trolley

the baby/mother dream and the pub dream are an amalgamation of awake-time experiences over the last several days

next theme

came across a dog

in size, it was twice as big as a whippet and half the size of a greyhound

it was standing perfectly still

as though posing

next theme

in a pub

was feeling unusually thirsty

it was a crowded

it took a space-age before being served

ordered a cider shandy

the first swallow of the cold drink was a stand-out sensation

equal to any awake-time memory

vividness 2.6 to 2.8 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: multi-themed dream (20+) animals (25+) mammals (15+) zebras (1) dogs (10+) babies (10) drink (15+) cider-shandy (2)


the name of the dream: somebodys’ watching me

there’s no doubt about it

the dreamer is being watched, closely

he is also being followed

it is easier for the dreamer to see the people following him than it is to see those keeping an eye on him

on two occasions the dreamer makes unexpected turns into streets that were off the beaten track

turns which were so diverse it couldn’t be a coincidence that two different people would make them at the same time

on one occasion, the dreamer turns two corners in rapid succession and waits for the person following him to walk straight into him

it was satisfying to let the person following him almost bump into him

the dreamer was tempted to start a conversation with him

the oligarch is so structured that they have to let you know you are being scrutinised

it enables the person being watched to say and do things she or he wouldn’t normally do

things that are so contradictory it so steers their thinking into spending time and effort to discover their following a red herring

this dream came about as a result of the writer noticing a man looking at him while the man was talking on his mobile a few days ago

it’s easy for the writer to see a devolving being in action

the dream was further stimulated as a result of watching the film “gemini man” yesterday

vividness 2.6/7 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: spies and spooks (2+)


the name of the dream: humour saves the day

waiting for a male friend

waiting at his place

he’s due momentarily

his girlfriend is there

she doesn’t dislike the dreamer

it’s just that she doesn’t rate him

the dreamer decides he will try to change her opinion of him

the next time she says something the dreamer will add a humourous or sober factuality to his reply

e.g., his girlfriend asks, “how long have you been friends?”

the dreamer replies, “ever since the first time he lent me a tenner”.

e.g., his girlfriend says, “it was ron who taught you to drive wasn’t it?”

the dreamer replies, “yes, did you know more people learn to drive through a friend or relative than with a driving instructor?”

about ten q and a’s later, she is taking a shine to me

the dream ends before ron returns

vividness 2.7 – observer and participant – the category of the dream: friends, family and acquaintances () unknown friend (2+)


the name of the dream: a piece of cake

the dreamer is sixteen or seventeen

he is down on his heels

nowhere to live, no job and hungry

it is early morning, about seven o’clock

from the road he sees a school standing on its own grounds

the school is about thirty metres from the road

it looks inviting

the dreamer enters the grounds

he goes around the back of the school out of sight of the road

the school looks like it is a secondary school

it is about a hundred metres square

the dreamer is looking for an open window

there is a recess on part of the building

the recess is about eight metres deep and a metre-and-a-half wide

his intuition tells him if any door is open, this is the most likely candidate

it is open

inside the building, there are thirty to forty-metre hallways

good for seeing people coming, but equally, other people can see you

the dreamer takes the first smaller hallway he comes across

the first door the dreamer opens is the ablutions

nothing in there to steal and sell

the scene changes to another room, it may have been a room used for cooking classes for the girls

the dreamer concluded this because there is a plastic, see-through cushion-bag sized container hanging from the wall

in the bag, there are about twenty pieces of cake

the pieces of cake are about a quarter of the size of a loaf of bread

before the dreamer can help himself a grown-up comes into the room

he ignores the dreamer and washes his hands

he must have thought the dreamer was an early-bird pupil

the dreamer says, “do you think anyone would mind if i had a piece of cake?”

the grown-up shakes his head

the dreamer wakes up before eating any of the cake

vividness 6.6 to 6.8 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: schools (3+)


last-night dream was ultra-violent

it was brought on by watching an ultra-violent film during the day

it has been mentioned at least twice before that dreams with violent content have an unsettling effect on the mind

consequently, it affects the quality of dreams

it has also been mentioned before that hollywood knows that violent films affect people adversely

which type of being do you think would wantonly produce violent films, evolving or devolving?

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