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prompted by the dream of the 23052021 Here

it was only yesterday when an expensive sharp microwave went haywire

the microwave wouldn’t respond to the cooking commands

the commands were being accepted but the microwave was not executing them

or, the commands flashed onto the display screen and either flickered on and off or didn’t display at all, or, the commands showed on the display screen but didn’t execute the commands or, nothing showed on the display screen when a command was entered

eventually, it occurred to the writer it may be the smart meter

the smart meter was installed more than two years ago

but why would it start making things going wrong now?

went online to see if anyone else had a similar story to tell

there were thousands of them!

Here’s an insight

the writer, being the conspiracy theorist he is, dug deeper and found himself arriving at the door of the Usual Suspects

it also accounted for the reason an expensive sony t.v. was, and still is, not working properly

the reader should understand, the writer is a particular thorn in the side of the secret services

whenever they get the chance they make, or try to make, his life a misery

using skilled hackers, m.i.5. can  access our electrical devices via the mobile network” see Here

the more ways the secret services have of  “getting at you” and knowing what you’re doing, the more comfortable they feel

what m.i.5. really want to know is if we know what they are doing

we know for instance, they used, and probably still do use, the banks to launder “Drug Money”

so while the cop on the street is busting someone for having a gram of green that costs £10

the international cooperation between crooks and killers is making sure the three-hundred-billion dollar a year trade in drugs is very much alive and kicking see Here102 and Here 103

the top executives in the banks must have aided and abetted

the smart meter can be a boon

the writer was both appalled and pleasantly surprised with the rate of consumption of some devices

this website advice’s . . install the meter

turn on your electrical devices one at a time

write down or memorize the consumption of each device

unplug the meter


heard the comment, “we say husbands and wives are partner’s, it’s discriminatory to say  wives and husbands because homosexuals don’t have wives and husbands

let’s get it straight

homosexuals have partners, husbands and wives are finding their “Soul partner”

homosexuality is just another way of entering Perdition


comment: dreams (2)

the name of the dream: a productive dream

at the computer screen

the screen is full of folders (about fifteen)

looking for a folder that has the word “sacrificial” in the header

find the folder and click it

using the pointer and clicking open a folder has never been easier

go to the page within the folder

have to use the keyboard to do the edit

this is when the dreamer’s dream-time abilities and the dreamer’s awake-time abilities find their limit

wake up from the dream and go to the computer and do the edit

see the fruits of the influence of dreams and awake-time endeavours Here

vividness 3.1 – participant and observer – the category of the dream: Think-read (20+) computer-related (10+)


it’s beginning to look as though our attention is being drawn to our agenda via dreams

this is the second dream in recent weeks with content which links to the Obstacles we need to overcome in order to implement the next phase of evolution

let’s see if you-know-who is taking a “hands on” approach

in yesterday’s dream, 0805202, our attention was steered to the 2nd of the global conspiracy’s, i.e. the cover-up of the existence of D-man (the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings)

the first question that comes to mind is, “why would anyone want to deliberately deny the existence of beings who have the medical and technical knowledge to cure us of most of our ailments

the culprits holding us back are those in the military of england and the u.s. and probably russia, who have “arrangements” with Devolving beings of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings

the arrangement is, devolving beings of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings can abduct people and use them for cross-breeding (devolving beings of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings know they are losing their ability to remain man-shaped) purposes in an effort to stop themselves Devolving any further

they think if they can blend their genes with ours it will keep them man-shaped and are trying to stay man-shaped by inter-breeding

watch and/or download convincing evidence Here

in return the militarists get technology which enables them to make evermore efficient ways of controlling and killing people

it’s of the utmost importance for militarists to have the very best ways of controlling events

the desire to control the destiny of people begins when a person has lost control of their own destiny: see Murder

what do we do?

we say something


this comment goes on the end of the dream of 24042021

the observer is viewing the featureless vacuum of endless space

during a lingering moment, the void becomes contained

it is no longer intimidating

it becomes a quantifiable something

what takes its place is intimidating

what causes the “jolt” is the realisation that the “life-thirsty” nature of love/life has become an unquenchable quest

it is an unsatisfiable urge

it will only ever grow stronger and stronger

with you-know-who at the helm pushing and  pulling us to our limits as we strive to “chase down” eternity”


the last dream that jolted the writer out of his sleep became the entry “a taste of freedom”

now, the writer knows, his interpretation of that  dream wasn’t quite right

what wasn’t right was the thought that the white/blue light represented the endless void per se

it is now understood, the white/blue light is that space love/life has already “inhabited”

that a being with so much power can’t put himself before others are mind-numbing

that the overwhelming appeal of the heavenly state can be attained by you and i is a gift of such magnitude it should spur you on

although it was made possible by suffering beyond comprehension, it  fills the writer with humility, thanks and  joy

his total obliteration, that initiates a new Undulation, is the price he has to pay

that some think nothing of taking the lives, the true marvel of his creation, children, women and men, are to be held in utter contempt

we all can attain heaven

as it was with the attainment of the heavenly state, so it is with us

where there’s a will, there’s a way

the writer was crying while composing this entry

crying with happiness


what people want to hear is, “carry on with what you’re doing and everything will be alright”

this website is continually trying to put its finger on that, or the moment, when a person goes from being able to attain heaven, to falling foul of realities uncompromising demand, see the Law

it is clear that Murder is the culmination of those thought processes which justified the act of murder, but where exactly did it start?

it is more than just possible, that the genetic factor may be a consideration

where both parents are in a profession that inevitably produces murder, designing weapons, for instance, could be a cause

the daughter or son of such parents could, conceivably, receive through the genes of the parents, a predisposition for similar thoughts

we could say that peer pressure during our  formative years, led us astray

This was the time the writer dismissed a death-outcome assertion

before going any further, all you need to know is that all you have to do to get to heaven and avoid the abyss is to keep abreast of the writer ethically

you haven’t got to work like a horse eighteen hours a day and give everything you earn to a charity

you haven’t got to stand on a soapbox and proclaim the truth every spare half an hour

you haven’t…

all you’ve got to do is keep abreast of the writer ethically, see Ethical parameters

that’s it

that’s the be-all and end-all of it

if for whatever reason, it isn’t convenient to do so, then it can be said, you are already on the slippery slope

that’s your eternal future you’re playing fast and loose with

so goes perdition




two days ago the writer cancelled the t.v. license

it is the second time it has been cancelled

the first time was three years ago

three years ago he didn’t watch much t.v. , so it made sense to save £160

it was renewed three months ago because he wanted to point out the lies and deceptions being shown on the bbc (the oligarch’s mouthpiece)

the idea was to present an alternative view of the going-ons

it was easy enough to point out different, and frequently, the complete opposite, of what  the telly was saying

within two weeks fatigue set in

like a record you don’t like, being played over and over

like the wail of a crying baby, you know something is wrong but can’t do anything about it

people, this website can’t bring itself to listen to a crying baby to point out something is wrong if the parents of the baby have got used to hearing the baby cry and take it in their stride

it reaches a point where you start to feel ill

you-know-who finds it easier to deal with the raw aggression of Devolving Beings at the level of a virus than he does to have to experience the continual crying of a baby

do yourself a favour, cancel your licence and save yourself £160 a year

most households have access to the internet

for your news, try Euronews

you will get a more balanced view of the world



there are ladies who are comfortable with their position in life

are looking forward to a future (beyond their lifetime) that has magical qualities

it’s only natural to think about what will happen in the future

ladies, there is no need to wonder what it will be like

the writer has been visited by three evolving females of the dinosaur class of being

i’m dying to you show a picture of them

from it, you will get a good idea of the mental state you will be experiencing in sixty-five-million years

it’s beyond anything you can imagine


was listening to Infowars yesterday

a speaker was explaining that in order for the bankers to maintain a viable economy, it means printing money, lots of it

it will cause will a huge inflationary bubble, which, if it pops, will cause a collapse of the global economy

this website thought this might happen some years back when the value of the pound was at a low point due to britain pulling out of europe

at that time this website urged people to stock up with food and essentials for a three month period

what’s happening at the moment has far, far more serious consequences

because the bankers are printing money without increasing the amount of goods in the shops, the purchasing power of the Pound Has Dropped more than one-half in the last year alone… see Inflation

this website is suggesting, again, that people stock-up with goods and essentials in these troubled times


will somebody please tell Charlie Styat that the rationale, coming out of russia, which convinced many high-profile people, that it  is a doom and gloom ultimate future for everyone except the writer, is wrong

(the reason or reasons that have produced a no-hope future first surfaced during gulf war 2 

the “weapons of mass destruction” hoax was used to invade iraq

iraq began trading in euros after gulf war 1

 jewish and british bankers stood to lose billions

violence is their “Stock in Trade” method for enriching themselves

a few thousand dead is neither here nor there for devolving beings)

to cope with the reality that the rationale produces, people cushion their thoughts and feelings by taking heroin

the reader should understand, heroin produces a state of bliss

the problem is, heroin is probably the most addictive drug there is

the prospect of not having a  daily “fix” fills users with extreme anxiety

when a heroin addict needs heroin, he will do anything to get it

the “war” in afghanistan is not about terrorists (see also the Opium Wars)

it is about securing heroin for addicts in the establishment

soldiers haven’t got a clue as to the real reason they are in afghanistan

all that matters is that they keep the supply of heroin coming

the establishment will sacrifice as many soldiers as necessary to get it

charlie styats comes across as a good guy


america bombs syria: 22 killed

the entire democratic party, those who supported the action, of the u.s. administration, has just entered the Perditious State

the instigators, were. of course, already treading the Devolutionary path

with this bombing, they have cemented themselves more firmly into the past

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