between heartbeats


when we go to sleep, the sensation of time, excluding dreams, is as though it was no time at all before we wake

so too it is with lifetimes

when we die, the next experience of time we have is when we come back into existence: see life after death

by and large, people can recollect childhood memories, in the garden, in the living room, and so on

what’s missing are the memories of those past lives

the glorious truth of it all is that now we have proof that we have lived before

we now know that our current life is a continuation of a never-ending sequence of lifetimes

at the moment, there are thousands of years between each lifetime

within ten-thousand years we will be able to project, to an accuracy of a decade, when the next recurrence will occur

subjectively, there is no time between this lifetime and the next

the time between the last heartbeat this lifetime and the first heartbeat in the next lifetime is a timeless moment

bear in mind the further into the future we persist, the longer each lifetime lasts

so that within five-thousand million years we will not die at all: see transmutation

the only thing that limits us is our ability to love coupled with the desire to sacrifice ourselves so that more beings can experience the subjective endlessness

mourn not those loved ones who have died

they are only between heartbeats

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